Rita Ora Gives Us Details On New US Album

Having blazed the UK charts last year, 2013 sees Rita Ora making a beeline for the US. Now Roc Nation is looking to use that footing to leap into worldwide success by breaking the notoriously tough American market.

Originally slated to release her ‘ORA’ album with bonus tracks last year, that idea has since been scrapped for an entirely new LP.

Via MTV:  

“2013 is really important for me because it’s gonna to be the first time the U.S. hears my official album and I wanted to put a few extra tracks on there and make it really special. So I’m basically giving you guys a whole new album of new material. So to the world it’ll be like a second album, but to you guys it’ll be like a first album. 

"There’s a few surprises. I don’t want to give them away, but it’s definitely in the Roc family. 2013′s got a lot of things I want to achieve. There’s a lot of kind of plans and ideas that are gonna come out in 2013.”

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