Pepsi Pour More Details On Beyonce

You just announced a renewed and expanded partnership with Beyonce that will include multiple creative projects in addition to traditional advertising. When did the conversations with Beyonce and her team first start?

Frank Cooper: It started in late summer of this year, and it really started around this idea we had around an artist that we thought had true global reach. Someone who really had a strong fan base in multiple territories around the world whose values align with ours – this idea of being positive and living in the now. And then we were looking for an artist that also wanted to have a true partnership, not simply looking for the most compensation in pocket. It’s about how to build content for their fans and consumers, and that led us straight to Beyonce. We started sketching out a deal and teasing ideas out, and here we are.

Pepsi had already been confirmed as the Super Bowl Halftime Show’s presenting sponsor, so did you help secure Beyonce as the performer as part of this deal?

It was a part of the conversation but it wasn’t the emphasis. We talked about Super Bowl Halftime and how Beyonce and Pepsi might collaborate together on content. That was definitely part if it, but only one piece of it.

So how might this creative partnership manifest itself – what types of projects are you working on with Beyonce?  

We’re still in the idea-development phase, but the types of things we’re talking about are creating original episodic content together. Where Beyonce may be in front of the camera but may be behind the camera. We’re talking about for live events where we might play a role in creating additional engagement experiences for fans using technology or building interactions with fans that we think we can contribute from the Pepsi side. And then of course we’re thinking about collaborating on events together, live events that we think can be an interesting way to display something Beyonce wants to do and something we want to do.  

Beyonce is also prepping a fifth album that might also be ready as early as first quarter. Have you been meeting with the team at Columbia to talk about ways you can help promote the project?  

We’ve had a couple meetings with Columbia, including one big meeting with all hands on deck, mostly to talk about how we can all work together to make sure we contribute to the album in a way to make it the most successful global album that she’s ever done. They’re definitely at the table with us.

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