Katy Perry & Coty Announce Fragrance Partnership

Coty Inc. and Katy Perry officially announced today (Nov. 28) plans to produce and distribute Perry's fragrance line, which includes previous scents Purr and Meow.

Perry said, "Coty has become my partner" in her fragrance line and that "we are working on the next fragrance, which is almost finished." As for timing, Perry says the next product will hit some time in 2013.  

"Everything is like a year off. It's not because we need the year. It just takes that much time." "We are thrilled to have an artist as creative and talented as Katy Perry join us at Coty," Renato Semerari, president of Coty Beauty, said in a statement.  

"Katy is original and daring-her unique approach to music and life will serve as the inspiration behind her innovative new scents and allow us to explore new avenues of scent creation."


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