Simon Cowell Speaks On Kelly Clarkson's Career

Simon Cowell has begun some heavy promo to make sure that X Factor doesn’t flop and leave him looking like a fool after all the catty shots he’s taken at American Idol over the past few months.

In a new interview with Howard Stern earlier this week, the subject of Idol’s original star Kelly Clarkson was brought up – in particular her career, and how its fared ever since she started trying to take more creative control over her music.

Howard: “What happened to [Kelly Clarkson]? What’s your opinion on her? Is she disturbed?"

Simon: “Well, I think she kind of started to fight against what made her successful. But she was always like that. But I’ve got to tell you, as a person, I like her a lot.”

Howard: “I know you like her, but is she her own worst enemy? In other words, she had a formula that was working, you found somebody who had a singing ability, she was moldable, so to speak, and then as soon as she started thinking for herself, she did herself in. Am I correct?”

Simon: “Well she dips in and out, Kelly; one minute she wants to make pop records, and then she doesn’t. I think she can probably get away with it because she’s got a good voice.”

Howard: “But do you think that there’s a certain time factor? She had her moment, you can’t let that pass – you’ve got to leap on it and go with the success formula, and in a way she’s kind of missed the boat, hasn’t she?”

Simon: “I wouldn’t necessarily agree. I think she’s still a big name. You give Kelly Clarkson a great song, and she’ll have a hit.”


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